Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tips and How to Take Care Matic Motorcycle

Tips and how to care scooter motorcycle is basically similar to regular motorcycle care. But the difference when treating motor scooter we must also consider the Van Belt. Because it uses the motor scooter Van Belt not like a motorcycle chain in general.
Here are some tips and how to care scooter motorcycle that your pet is always durable and machine condition is always maintained.

    Before the motor used should first preheat the engine. Leave the engine running for ± 5-10 minutes in a stationary state (do not have the gas). Serves to heat up the engine lubricating oil can lubricate the engine parts that are in the machine to the fullest with no load driving.
    Perform regular servicing in the workshop believe that you have subscribed periodically _ + 2-3 months or when the motor has reached 2000 km of use.

    At the time of service also should change the engine oil, in addition to dispose of dirty oil that has also to keep the engine oil viscosity.
    In addition to the engine oil must also be considered is the axle because the axle oil also has an important function to drive your vehicle speed.
    Riding a motorcycle scooter increase and decrease speed should be done slowly instead of cash. This way besides saving fuel also makes the machine more durable.

    Keep the fuel tank filled with petrol in a state is always at least half of the capacity of the tank.
    If you have to replace the parts that try to use original spare parts even though the price is slightly more expensive but the quality is guaranteed.

Scooter motorcycles for now it has become an idol for most people. Especially for those who live in big cities. Using scooter motorcycle more flexible because the heavy traffic and jammed. But if it is less good at taking care of a little motorcycle scooter will drain your pockets to fix a damaged vehicle. Hopefully some of the tips and how to care scooter motorcycle presented above can help you.